E-Discovery Services

Your E-Discovery @ Your Fingertips

ForensiS Technologies has deployed numerous Discovery and E-Discovery services that will provide your litigation team with the tools necessary to perform a comprehensive and accurate review in a defensible, efficient and cost effective manner. ForensiS offers a plethora of services that can be utilized as a comprehensive solution or “a la carte” depending on the specific needs of your case. Contact us today for a complimentary quote and assessment for any of your E-Discovery needs.

Project Management

E-Discovery services

Project Management

Having a progressive and reliable technological project management team will ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the litigation process. The ForensiS Project Management service will assist all of the members of your litigation team throughout the entire lifeline of your case. By utilizing Forensis E-Discovery Services, ForensiS will serve as an extension of your litigation support team, enabling you to achieve all of your goals and objectives, ultimately providing you with an advantage over your opponent(s).

eDiscovery services

Litigation Liaison

ForensiS also specializes in being the liaison between multiparty litigation teams to develop strategies that will enable the entire group to efficiently and securely review documents. Our experience will save the entire team time and money, while achieving both group and individual team’s goals and objectives.

E-Discovery Services

eDiscovery services
 eDiscovery services

Data Collection

When collections are conducted, it is of the utmost importance to maintain a high level of security, confidentiality, data integrity, chain of custody and detailed logs. Our certified forensic collection partners employ the latest tools and methodologies to securely collect electronically stored information (ESI) in a defensible manner.

E-Discovery services

Data Analysis

During the Data Analysis stage, ForensiS provides Clients with a file listing of the data set which would include the quantity, types of files and other data characteristics that will provide an overview of the entire collection. Based on the findings during Data Analysis, ForensiS will then be able to provide a recommendation for the most efficient and cost-effective strategy in moving forward.

Data Reduction

The two primary challenges most litigation teams face when dealing with e-discovery is how to manage increasingly voluminous electronically stored information (ESI) in an efficient and affordable manner. ForensiS data reduction services are individually tailored for each case to drive down costs, increase turnaround time and in most cases reduce data sets by 70% or more, making the data set more relevant and focused.

STEP 1 – Cull the Data
In this step, ForensiS will remove all data that is irrelevant based on it being a duplication or a program file. The first step is de-duping the files to remove all files that are exact duplications. The second part of this step is to De-NIST the data set, which eliminates all known system file types that have identified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

STEP 2 – Identification of relevant documents
In this step, the data set is reduced even further by implementing parameters that will reveal relevant data. This can be done by key-word searching and/or delimiting the data set based on source, time frame, file types, custodians and/or date ranges.

eDiscovery services

Data & Email Conversion

Once the data set is reduced to relevant data, the data is ready to be processed for review or production. Using proprietary document conversion software, ForensiS can convert electronically stored information (ESI) to various file formats, such as native, TIFF, PDF, HTML or XML for both review or production purposes. ForensiS state of the art software and hardware systems allow for accurate and quick turnarounds. During the conversion process, ForensiS can also provide:
• Bates numbering services
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service for any documents that are not text searchable
• Coding services for documents without metadata

eDiscovery services

Data Hosting

Once conversion is complete, ForensiS can create load files into all major document review platforms, including ForensiS’ cutting edge proprietary document review suite, MyCaseOnline. To learn more about MyCaseOnline, please visit “Products”.

Other Document Services

ForensiS provides litigation document scanning for cases of any size, both small or large. Through savvy preparatory techniques, a state of the art hardware/software indexing and scanning system, and implacable quality control, ForensiS provides the highest level of quality at an affordable price. Please click here to learn more.
Bates numbering provides litigation teams with a uniform and unique numbering system for each page of a production set to facilitate timely data retrieval. Depending on your needs, ForensiS provides both manual and electronic bates numbering services that are customized to the needs of each case. ForensiS takes great pride in offering bates numbering services that are affordable with a quick turnaround.
ForensiS provides best in class optical character recognition services that will render your documents text searchable. ForensiS has a high capacity throughput and can complete jobs of all sizes in a timely manner.
Document coding is one of the most effective and precise methods of taking command of all your documents within your case. It is the process of establishing and entering, either objectively or subjectively, certain fields contained within a document that are relevant for searching the documents.
ForensiS is equipped with a department devoted to the accurate and efficient coding of documents. Because ForensiS is committed to the safeguarding of our confidential information, all coding work is performed at our headquarters in Miami, Florida.
Before initiation of project, our project management team will have a meeting with your litigation team to discuss and determine the coding fields and strategies for your case.
ForensiS is a leader in providing fast and efficient copying and blowback services (printed copies of scanned images). Our team of document specialists look forward to serving all of your copying and printing needs.

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